The Past and Present of the PBX System

Private branch exchange used to be a very popular telephony system in the commercial sector a decade ago. Almost all businesses, big or small, would have a private branch exchange system which is commonly known as the private branch exchange. This telephony system allows businesses to enjoy many phone lines to cater to the rampant calls that could lead to sales and revenue. An operator is commonly employed to man the private branch exchange system in transferring calls to the respective departments and employees. Some large companies in the past decade used to have more than one private branch exchange system in the same building to cater to the large business volume of that day.

There can be hundreds of employees in a large company which include dozens of sales and marketing personnel who may have pagers connected to the private branch exchange system for easy contact on business deals.

Today’s scenario
The business scenario has evolved today with the progressive technology that is taking the world by storm. Although many businesses and commercial sectors still have a private branch exchange system in their premises today, many units are non-functional to the point of being obsolete. Smaller businesses may still be using the private branch exchange if these do not have the financial resources for upgrade.

However, there are newer models of private branch exchange systems coming out in the market to counter the competition brought on by advanced technology; namely, voip services and the internet. There is a price and service war occurring between the two categories of manufactures and distributors to keep their products in pole positions in the marketplace.

A lot of effort is put into the marketing of newer models of private branch exchange systems that offer more advanced features at an affordable price. An equally fervent amount of promotion is performed in highlighting the latest private branch exchange models’ features and aesthetics.

More lines are available with special numbers to be decided by the consumers; phone lines can be grouped for greater throughput and effectiveness that can boost business and sales. Hence, most private branch exchange users would be convinced in upgrading their current private branch exchange model to a newer one such as the ip private branch exchange telephony system as the latest business solution.


Businesses are growing so, selecting it for any class to the hosted IP phone system and hosted call centers. Because not only can hosted telephony be a much cost-effective option, cloud based telephony will also decrease your monthly communications expenses while concluding the capital required to purchase new equipment for that.

With the myriad of telephony solutions and their respective models in the market, a consumer should approach the upgrade carefully as a thorough understanding of how the upgrade model can benefit business over the medium or long term must be identified first. One must make a careful study on how the current business needs can be met with an expansion of business needs in the short or medium term consideration